The Brian Affleck Golf  Academy is excited to announce a new nine-hole developmental junior golf tour that will introduce athletes to competition! 

We will have three age groups for boys which include 8 & under, 9 to 11, and 12 to 14. Girls will have two age groups, 9 & under and 10-14. Each event we will award order of merit points, prizes and after four events, we will have the top finishers on the order of merit play off in the season ending Tour Championship at Links at Montague.


New competitors and competitors with experience are also welcome at our events. We will have Brian Affleck along with some of his Learn to Compete Advanced Competitors running the events and they will be offering on course assistance and helping athletes cope with the mental side of competitive golf.  

REGISTRATION: Register for first four events for $100 (Save $10)

Please click the 'Register Now' link beside the event you wish to register for. If registering for multiple events, please notify us in the email with which events, athletes name, DOB, parent email.

Payment for events can be paid via e-transfer to or contact us for other payment methods. 

2017 Junior Tour Schedule
*All 9 Hole events*


Each tournament will have different yardages as Eagles Chance is a Par 3 course and we will modify some holes into Par 4's for younger age groups. 

Girls 9 & Under  - 1100-1500 yards

Girls 10-14 - 1700-2200 yards

Boys 8 & Under - 1700-1900 yards

Boys 9-11 - 2300-2500 yards

Boys 12-14 - 2800-3200 yards


Points to be awarded to each division each event.


1st - 30

2nd - 15

3rd - 12

4th - 10

5th - 8

6th - 6

7th - 4

All other participants - 2


RCGA and R&A Rules of Golf will be in affect. Local rules will also be in affect at events. Pace of play will be encouraged by caddies and tournament officals.


Caddies are allowed for all age divisions. We ask that caddies do not give pre-shot advice. Please let the athletes make their own decisions, even if it is the wrong one. 

Caddies must wear proper golf attire and sneakers.

Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each division and the Tour Championship will award the top 3 finishers on the order of merit as well as event winners. All prizes are from Taylormade - adidas!


Part of our tour is to educate young athletes on proper nutrition during competition. Leading up to the round, athletes are encouraged to eat a good pre-game meal about 3-4 hours before reaching the first tee. High in carbohydrates and low in fat, pre-game meals such as whole wheat spaghetti with meat sauce, a chicken sandwich with soup, or an omelet with toast, provide lots of energy and nutrition for the beginning of the round.

During the prolonged exercise of a round of golf, the consumption of carbohydrates and water greatly increase performance. Each event we will provide each athlete with healthy on course snacks to teach them the importance of eating properly to perform at your highest level. Foods such as dried fruit, granola bars, trail mix, and beef jerky will be given out throughout the round to insure the athletes are maintaining good nutrition and energy levels.  

The most important form of nutrition is hydration. Hydration with water is vital for athletes to reach peak performance. During the round, large amounts of water are lost through sweat which need to be replenished to avoid the dangers of dehydration. Cold water will be available on the first tee and fifth tee box to ensure proper nutrition is maintained.

​Snacks to be consumed for Pre-round, on the 4th tee, and also on the 7th tee.

The Brian Affleck Golf Academy Junior Tour more than just a competitive round of golf, we believe in developing well-rounded athlete’s!


The two events at Eagles Chance will include a skills challenge which will be a qualifying event for the 2018 Future Links National Skills Challenge at the 2018 Canadian Open. Both events will also have prizes for the winners of each age division.