Junior Golf Coaching Programs

Junior golfers are the future of our golfing community.


Development of these juniors is important to our local clubs. In 2014, Brian introduced a junior development team for competitive juniors to help support our local up and coming stars. With Abercrombie hosting the 2019 Men’s Amateur Championship, it would be great if a local golfer claims the title. We have a group of juniors that have the potential to win, and through hard work and determination, Brian believes it is possible. Although 2019 may seem far away, these programs are the foundation for building champions


We have three coaching programs aligned with the Learn to Compete development structure. The three programs include New Competitor, Developing Competitor, and Advanced Competitor.  This will provide kids a strong foundation and teach them the values of hard work and dedication. Due to high demand of these programs, in 2016, we have added two different age groups for the New Competitor program. These programs are in line with the Long Term Player Development Guide.


Players will learn how to improve all aspects of their game during the duration of these programs. On top of learning the physical skills to improve, players will also learn the following skills:


  • Proper etiquette

  • Mental coaching

  • Goal setting

  • Rules and procedures

  • Practice routines/drills

  • Tournament preparation

  • Course management





Little Pro Coaching Program (ages 5-9)

This program will be in its second year this season and is for athletes ages 5-8 who are excelling for their age. This program is designed to fill the need of the young athletes who are beyond learning the basic fundamentals of golf. With our ‘Learn to Play’ programs growing rapidly at the grass roots level, we are seeing more and more athletes thriving at an early age. The important part of their continual development is to manage their progression effectively. This program will also introduce athletes to competitive golf.

New Competitor Junior Coaching Program (ages 9-14)

This program is for junior golfers aged 9-14 who would like to compete and optimize the skill set to build on their fundamentals.  Players will learn to cope with the physical and metal challenges of competition. This is a six month program beginning in April through to October 1st. This program is for juniors who are new to competitive golf. The New Competitor program has been split into multiple groups based on age, gender, and current skill level at the end of the 2017 season. Each group is limited to six participants.

Developing Competitor Junior Coaching Program (ages 12-16)

The developing competitor coaching program will be for junior golfers 12-16 who have graduated from the new competitor program. Athletes in this program will focus on optimizing all skill sets to maximize performance in competition. This is a six month program starting the first week of April. The developing competitor program is limited to 6 participants.

Provincial Prep Junior Coaching Program (ages 14-18)

This is an advanced competitor coaching program that will be for competitive junior golfers ages 12-18 who have aspirations to compete in the 2018 NSGA Junior Provincials. Athletes in this program will focus on optimizing all skill sets to maximize performance in competition. This program will also feature a mental coaching opportunity for athletes. Advanced Competitors will be limited to six participants.